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Sun hui in "the sixth China shenzhen coating and coating te

Sun hui in "the sixth China shenzhen coating and coating technology peak BBS and shenzhen coating technology academy 2015 member conference"
On April 28, 2015, Beijing sun hui DE company attended by shenzhen coating technology institute, shenzhen coating technology academy "coating and coating technology service center" hosted by the sixth China shenzhen coating and coating technology peak BBS and shenzhen coating technology association member conference of 2015.

The meeting in order to better promote in south China and other parts of the domestic industry between science, technology and coating technology, new materials, new technology exchanges and cooperation and technology innovation, actively promote and promote the healthy development of the industry, relying on the national new environmental policy, advocacy and leading chemical coatings industry transformation and upgrading of industry; Through face-to-face communication, sharing the latest case of actual combat experience, analyze the excellent technology, for the coating industry elite talent to build a better communication platform, in the new normal, together to create new thinking, new ideas, explore the future direction of development of new coatings industry, facing the complex economic environment to seek more suitable for their own development, for our country coating power producers into exploring the new way out.

With the continuous development of modern industry, as well as the people environmental protection consciousness, from around the world to the VOC emission limits is more and more strict, therefore, high quality and environmentally friendly paint more and more get the favour of the market. Conference brings together a lot of paint industry raw materials manufacturers, sun hui's marketing director Mr Jin-hu zhang introduces water-borne resin products of the company at the meeting.

Beijing sun hui's company has been focused on water-based industrial paint with water-based resin research and development, production and sales, products have been able to meet the low VOC, water dispersible, can participate in grinding, coating density, good resistance to water, the early simple qualities such as paint process. And complete variety, can be applied to commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, bicycles, electric cars, steel structure, metal parts, 3 c products, aluminum extrusions, prefabricated houses, and other industrial fields. Sun hui, the company not only provides the high quality products, but also provide a whole set of perfect technical service, to bring customers more competitive. During the conference, a lot of paint production enterprises to come to consult the sun sinks, water-based resin products, visible trend of waterborne coatings, and the general customer recognition of sun hui, water-based resin products.

In the end, the conference has been a complete success. Hope later green coating can be more widely used in all aspects of life and production, to improve our living environment and make contribution to the health!

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