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The second sun hui, water-based resin product launch a compl

The second sun hui, water-based resin product launch a complete success

In Beijing on June 25, 2015 sun hui DE environmental technology co., LTD., five layer building, we successfully hosted the second sun hui, water-based resin product launches. Attending guests for the coating industry colleagues, for the event and gave high evaluation of our products are.

Last year, we held the first session of waterborne alkyd resin application technology training, mainly introduced the two excellent performance of waterborne alkyd resin, and technical communication with customers and experimental demonstration, obtained the customer high praise and recognition. This time, we continue to hold the second session of water-based resin product launches, hears the customer who comes to an endless stream, have given us a lot of hope for sun hui's new products. The activity mainly introduced at low cost as the main characteristics of the new YG - AK337 water-based resin and its application, AK337 has low cost, good performance, cost-effective, and can finish, and long storage stability, etc. In addition also introduced a two-component water-borne epoxy resin and main application field of products, carried on the thorough exchange and the discussion with the customers. In addition, our engineers are also conducted on the spot experiments demonstrate that gives customers more intuitive understanding.

Waterborne coatings is a big trend, a lot of coating enterprise is gradually reversing the direction, the water-based resin exchange new products again got a lot of attention, to paint the customer actively communicate with our engineers to discuss, understand the product, learning and paint process, and of recognition. We will make persistent efforts, continuous improvement research and development ability, roll out more and better products, will continue to hold activities.


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